ISSR&D Justification Letter

Seeking Approval to Attend the ISSR&D Conference?

This sample letter answers many questions your manager may ask when requesting approval to attend the ISSR&D Conference. Simply copy and paste the text into an email or Word document and fill in the highlighted portions, or personalize the letter to meet your needs.

Watch this video for testimonials from last year's attendees.

Subject line:  Attending the 2017 ISSR&D Conference

Dear [Add supervisor’s name],

I’m requesting your approval to attend the 2017 International Space Station Research & Development (ISSR&D) Conference, July 17-20, in Washington, D.C.  With a conference theme of “Innovation Beyond Boundaries,” I will learn how leveraging microgravity for research and development on the International Space Station (ISS) can accelerate scientific understanding and outcomes.

Based on published testimonials from previous users, the ISS is a one-of-a-kind research and development platform that can open up a world of new possibilities for innovation. Here’s what a representative of Procter & Gamble has said – “The success of the P&G spaceflight experiments is more than just a compelling business impact. What we learn here is going to help a lot of people.”

During this interactive 3-1/2 day conference, I will:

  • attend sessions with esteemed speakers, thought leaders and experts who are at the forefront of research and discovery within the commercial, academic and government communities;
  • learn from the latest case studies discussing how ISS is advancing research and development in life sciences, technology development, physical sciences, remote sensing and education, to name a few;
  • gain valuable insights from veteran ISS users, such as NASA astronaut and Expedition 49 crew member Kate Rubins, who became the first person to sequence DNA in space and contributed to several first-time studies, including the Biomolecule Sequencer Experiment, while she was aboard the space station in 2016;
  • talk with experienced companies that provide specialized services for facilitating research and development onboard the ISS;
  • network with top scientists, educators, industrialists, business development professionals, venture capitalists, and government representatives; and 
  • participate in small user group clinics where veteran and prospective ISS users connect and collaborate.

At the ISSR&D Conference I can evaluate the capabilities of ISS and its potential for advancing [Add your company’s name] program objectives.  Some benefits I see are:

  • [Add benefit]
  • [Add benefit]
  • [Add benefit]

The approximate cost breakdown of my attending ISSR&D Conference 2017 is as follows:

Registration fee:  [Add cost]
Roundtrip airfare:  [Add cost]
Ground transportation:  [Add cost]
Lodging:  [Add cost]
Meals: [Add cost]
Other expenses: [Add cost]
Total cost: [Sum of above costs]

I will submit a post-conference report that will include key takeaways and a set of recommended actions that could benefit [Add the name of your company]

Thank you for considering my request. The ISSR&D Conference offers an early-bird registration discount, and I would appreciate your immediate attention to my request.


[Add your name]

The testimonials from last year’s attendees gave me confidence that [Add the name of your company] will get an excellent return on investment. My favorite is: “An outstanding conference and one of the best organized and relevant of this type that I have attended in 40 years of science, engineering and applications work.”


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